Celebrating Our 25th Anniversary……

Where were you in January, 1989?  Were you in an established career path or maybe changing careers?  Or perhaps you had just recently entered the work force, or maybe you were in elementary school!  We’d love to hear your story and we’ll share ours with you.  And we’ll be awarding gifts to two lucky individuals.

In January 1989, Pat Blais and Connie Sargent opened Sargent & Blais Personnel Services in a one room office with one small Macintosh computer and a roll paper fax machine.  And we were high tech at the time!  Our candidate information was on index cards (those of you who were not in elementary school at the time will remember those!) We began building our client base, starting with friends and business acquaintances and sometimes even family members.  We had no idea then that 25 years later we would be celebrating our Silver Anniversary, having provided services to hundreds of businesses and thousands of candidates in the Capital Region.  In the coming months we’ll continue to share our story.

We have indeed been fortunate to have been so successful, and we have been even more fortunate to work with our wonderful dedicated staff members through the years.    They have been a large part of our success and we want to publically thank them for all that they do.

And we’d like to thank you, also, for having perhaps played a part in our success.  We’d love to hear from you about what you were doing when we opened our doorsWe’ll read each and every response and the person who had the longest established career, and the person who was the youngest at the time, will each receive a gift from us!  With your permission we may even publish your anonymous story in a future blog post.

So please take a moment to share in our celebration.  Email us (something you couldn’t do in 1989) and let us know where you were, or feel free to share a story of how we may have played a part in your career.


With many thanks for 25 wonderful years!

Pat Blais & Connie Sargent

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